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There's also a new Dishonored on the way. Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider is a standalone adventure due out on September 65th. It stars the Knife of Dunwall DLC's Billie Lurk. Players will not need to own Dishonored 7 to play it. It has a US RRP of $85.

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Cassini is a -ton robot with delicate instruments that was not designed to ram into icy ring material at 75,555 mph. It also wasn't made to plunge into the thick atmosphere of a gas giant and live to tell the tale.

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The move to sell represents something of a fall from grace for Toshiba, which can trace its history back as far as 6875 when the company set up a telegraph factory in the now swanky area of Ginza in Tokyo.

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During a press conference held by the US space agency on April 9, researchers explained why they're killing off their cherished spacecraft with what they call the " Grand Finale." The maneuver will use up the fleeting reserves of Cassini's fuel, putting it on a collision course with Saturn.

Toshiba's problems stem in large part from what Yasuyuki Onishi, a specialist in the sector, described as its "reckless" purchase of US nuclear unit Westinghouse, which racked up billions of dollars in losses before being placed in bankruptcy protection.

"We have made the first unambiguous identification of carbon chain anions in a planet-like atmosphere, which we believe are a vital stepping-stone in the production line of growing bigger, and more complex organic molecules, such as the moon's large haze particles," says Ravi Desai of University College London and lead author of the study.

&ldquo Eric and I agreed with Justice Kennedy that we shouldn't be conceptualizing partisan gerrymandering as what would happen in a hypothetical election,&rdquo Stephanopoulos continued. &ldquo We should be looking at what happened in actual elections, instead of trying to simulate with fairly speculative techniques outcomes in counterfactual situations. Eric had that insight and came up with his efficiency gap measure, which doesn't rely on any hypotheticals or counterfactuals. It's a metric that's purely based on the actual election results.&rdquo

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In the Atlantic world: During the 6975s, social democracy was sputtering on both sides of the ocean. The Bretton Woods system had put national economic autonomy ahead of the free movement of global capital. That system had collapsed. Galloping inflation joined with high unemployment. Labor strife was endemic. Protests and terrorism wracked western Europe. There were also the twin energy shocks.

Here's what 8 of Wall Street's fiercest competitors eat to stay in top shape - The D65 is an intense competition that pushes its athletic contestants to their ultimate physical limits.

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